Thank You, Jem Restaurant for Helping MDA > Community Events

The Jem Restaurant
The Jem Restaurant


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Thank you Tony & Linda and all of your employees for your kindness to others. You are truly a JEM.

One of the best pictures I've ever taken.
One of the best pictures I’ve ever taken.

Yes, there are many angels among us.


Community Events 2019



And….coming up in September at the Haws Ave Methodist Church


Stay tuned for much more upcoming events in 2019!

These were from our last flea market 2018!

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From Recent Events – 300 customers in one day!


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Coming this SEPTEMBER 21 2019 another Yard Sale, flea market, and other items, SALE.  Gather your “stuff” up & get ready to sell! More info coming later.

Also this October 12th, WINE TASTING AND FOOD EVENT!  More to follow later



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