Friends of the Forest – Norristown Art League – North Penn Arts – Skippack Village

 Welcome to the World of Fine Arts


Welcome to the Greater Norristown Art League – Friends of Norristown Forest

Art League

Friends working together to help each other

Click the link below to go to the Norristown Art League


This work of art was done by an 8 year old at the Greater Norristown Art League’s “Children’s Summer Art Camp”


An 8 year old artist painted this!
An 8 year old artist painted this!


North Penn Art Alliance

Art and History Together

ed kane North Penn

historic Philadelphia

North Penn Art Alliance Skippack Days

First Fridays at Skippack
First Fridays at Skippack


For more information click below


toni wolf362

For something different, visit Green Wolf’s Village Barn at Skippack Village

for unique items, a winery and stop in to visit Toni Wolf for her unique arts

Over 40 local artists works on display!

It’s going to be a busy Fall!





Artist and Teacher, Mairin Egge.  Click onto her website and see what’s happening


Just Taking a Walk
Just Taking a Walk

One early morning day I was taking a walk through a forest and I came across this well dressed “gentleman” in the forest. He seemed a little different and unusual than most but he was very well dressed and carrying a sack of carrots on his back. I addressed him and said “good morning Sir, how are you on this fine morning”. He answered “Indeed, I am excellent on this fine and sunny morning”. “And where are you headed”? he asked. “Ah, no where in particular, just wandering around”, I said. “Where are you going”? “Just came from my Uncle’s farm and gathered up some of his carrots from the farm to take to my Mother’s house so she can cook them up for me. I’m not very handy in the kitchen”. “My uncle’s Bob’s farm is down the other path, by the clearing. You should go over and visit him. Tell him I sent you. Maybe he’ll give you a nice head of cabbage”!

“Ok, I’ll check him out.  Where are you headed,” again I asked.  “To my Mother’s house”, he said.  ” And,I think she is baking me a pie too”.  “Sounds good to me”, I said.  And so the story will continue for a later day.

@Farmer Bunny

Uncle Bob


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