What has been going on at the Cedar Club – 2013-2019 ??


So What’s Going On

Just “blogging” along


Our first Team trivia contest was recently held at the Norristown Cedar Club.  Not many people were in attendance but everyone there had a lot of fun.  So much so that we may have it annually.  So stay tuned and keep up with what is posted.

Next up – Tall Cedar Convention held in Wildwood NJ!!  Pictures will be posted as they come in.

Don’t forget on June 8th 2013 is our “attic treasures – flea market – crafts” sale again.  And, yes, the kitchen will be open & we will be serving our famous zeps along with other foods as well.  Time is from 8 until 2 PM and it will be just for ONE DAY so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Some of us went out to eat at the Jem and Fairview Diner where we had some very good food, company and we supported the Tall Cedars in the fight against MD.

The Tall Cedars are working on something new and different. In the works – a Wine Feast & Art Gallery Event where visitors can sample wine from Pennsylvania wineries and fine food from local businesses.  Stay tuned.  Still working on that one.

More and more people are coming out to our bi monthly bingos.  Maybe they like “winning”, maybe the food, or maybe they just like coming out for fun.  Bingo is only 10 cents a card or 3 for 25 cents.   

And of course Elvis will enter the building again in December.  The menu will be posted a little later as well as other information. 

Our annual Tall cedar Convention has come and gone already. Except for the rain on Saturday that cancelled our parade, all things went well for our SGTC Dick Feezer.

Coming up on May 24th is our 2nd bingo of the month.  This time the jackpot is up to around $300.00 !!  Better come early to grab a seat because the crowd may storm in for this (or maybe our famous zeps!). 

Congratulations to our latest jack pot winner for winning almost $300 in the May 24th Bingo Event.  The money keeps flowing every month.

Coming up June 8th our “flea market – art &crafts sales – attic treasures – you name it.  Kitchen will be open.  Come early we’re opening up our doors at 8:00 AM.

Our last “attic treasures – arts & crafts” sales was a great success!!!  Our next sale will be on OCTOBER 5th 2013!!  We will keep you updated.

The Norristown Forest #31 supports our local businesses.  Click on “We Support Our Local Businesses” to see other local businesses who serve our community.

Right now we are at Acme Market in Trooper Pa selling roses for Jerry’s kids for MD.  We would like to thank all of the EXTREMELY generous and friendly people out there!!! We can’t thank you enough!!

Update on our breakfast – because of an emergency the breakfast has been postponed until further notice.

Bingo last night again.  Cash prizes!  Plenty of food! Great ZEPS!

Norristown Cedar Club had their Attic Treasures – Arts and Crafts – and Yard Sale again this past weekend.  Another successful event. Hopefully we will do another.  Does anyone have any other ideas about “events” that we could do? If you do, drop us a line at  norristownforest@live.com 


Mark Reno was just here as ELVIS. A great time was had by all and the room was packed!  As they say, “Elvis has left the building”. 


There will be new exiting events being planned for the new year in 2014.  Stay tuned to check in and see what’s going on!

First up, coming April 26th, will be our “Trivia Night” again. And yes we will have cash prizes again. It’s BYOB and BYOF or snacks, whatever.  Just hoping that we will NOT have anymore snowstorms!!!!

Coming June 7th will be our annual  Yard Sale – Attic Treasures – Artisan Crafts  once again!  They are always very popular.  If you are interested in renting a space, just leave us a note / or E mail us at norristownforest@live.com  Each space is $10.00 – bring your own table or use ours.  Fine food will be available all day too!  We’ll do anything (almost) to keep our customers happy!

Are YOU having a Yard Sale?  If you would like us to post yours up here just let us know. E mail us at  norristownforest@live.com

P1020549 P1020550P1020556

We are in the early stages of planning an “Eat Out” at the Jem Restaurant where all day a certain portion of each bill will be donated to our cause to end Muscular Dystrophy and all other of these horrible muscle diseases!  If you have ever seen anyone with Lou Gerhrig’s  disease you will understand. 

OK it’s here. Eat at the Jem Restaurant on May 13th – breakfast or lunch!!

The Tall  Cedar Convention for 2014 has come and gone!  Where does the time go?  A great convention was had by all. Met many friends from Forests around the country and we will miss them until we meet again next year.
Also, just returned from the Jem Restaurant where today a percentage of their proceeds from their restaurant will go to MDA.  Thank you Jem Restaurant. You truly are a JEM.
Rest in Peace, Bob
Rest in Peace, Bob

It is better to have a good man on earth than to have another angel in heaven.

Check our latest posts:  “Questions and Answers.. How do I rent the building?”  “Top Secret Recipes from Big Restaurants”. That includes all their recipes.


Paul L Koons received the General WS Hancock Society Award for 2014. Paul is member of Charity 190 and Norristown 31 Tall Cedars of Lebanon

paul koons_ws hancock

Thank you to all vendors and their customers who came out to our “Attic Treasures and Artisan Crafts ” sales the other day. We will return in September.

We had plenty of great food from our “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer” at our annual  District 10 picnic.  Thanks you Chief Cook!

Chief Cook114

Chief Cook


 MDA Telethon is coming up and we will be selling roses at ACME markets last week of August. See you then!

Well, we just completed our last Artisan Craft and Attic Treasure Sale for this year.  But we will be BACK in June  2015  for another sale again!   Also we also did our “Poker Run” although it was a rainy day.

Our last bingo the other night we had over 104 people in attendance and lots of food was available too!

Lee Loeb

Lee Loeb




Here we are at the top  of the new year.  Hope everyone is safe and warm.  We are in the process of getting things all worked out for the new year!  Any ideas?  Just contact us! Our First Friday zeps as well as our bimonthly bingos are going strong! They will continue for this year again.  Our rentals for the building are strong too!  If anyone is interested in a building rental, contact us.

Time is fleeting.  Coming up we’re working on a new “attic treasurers and flea market ” event for July. Before you know it, it will be here.  Our bingos are getting more popular.  I guess people may have a bad case of  cabin fever.

  Seems like our convention at Wildwood was days ahead. And now it is in the past already.  As they say,” Be aware of time. It is like a thief in the night.”

Our bingos are very popular as there are not as many in our community as there once was.  So take advantage of it while we are still here for who knows what will happen in the future?

Things are getting pretty hectic here even in summer.  If you need a building rental, you better call early as our rentals are going pretty fast. Next event – our annual “yard sale-attic treasures-and anything and everything for sale” event.  When? July 18th/ What time? 8:00 until 3:00 PM

Had our annual Yard Sale again. Had close to 45 vendors and everyone sold something!  The food was fantastic!!! The following Friday over 108 people attended and someone won a big jackpot prize of $275.

Busy planning our next event our Holiday Craft Fair!  Should be different & exciting. And, there are more events coming up later in the year.

We still have a very few tables left for our upcoming “Holliday Craft Fair” coming up on October 3rd.  Again, our food will be provided by Chef Jude again – back by popular demand!

Thank you for all who attended  and to all of our “artisans” who attended our first “Holiday Art & Craft” show.  We are looking forward to seeing you all again. We know everyone had a good time even though the gloom and doom weather people gave us a false prediction. The food was FANTASTIC!!!  People fell in love with our food!

Another event coming up in November will be another different show. Stay tuned for updates. 

We are sorry to hear of the passing of JOHN ROACH who died yesterday, Sunday. He will be missed.  Our condolences go to his wife, Kate.



Well the new year just started off great with a BIG snow storm. Coming up this year will be our “Flea Market ” event and also our Holiday Craft Show later in the year.  A couple of trips are also planned. Stay tuned for more information on that too.

Our new Supreme Tall Cedar is Curtis Beam from Easton Pa!  Yeah!!  Our Winter Convention was held once again in Ocean City MD.  A good year is coming up!

Carl 2

I’ll miss you Thor


We’re back from Wildwood once again!  Had a wonderful time – except for the weather- which was cold & windy. Had to run out of a restaurant located on the deck by the ocean because the tide was too high & started to drift in. Scary. Saw many friends from the Forests all around our wonderful country. Check our pictures out!!  Leave a comment if you want.

Our website is popular. We are investing out time with LOCAL businesses and just might be working out to everyone’s benefit. We are glad to help.

Just had our annual Flea Market and Attic Treasures sale this past weekend. Was an outstanding success. Everyone is anxious to have another one. And, the food was also OUTSTANDING again.  Coming up will be the Rockets Show and our annual Art and Craft Festival again as well as Chef Jude and his scrumptious food.

And coming up, late August and into the first part of September will be Roses for MD at the Acme market in Lower Providence once again.  Thank you to Acme Markets. Thank you to all of the kind, generous and wonderful people there who help us in our cause.


If you are interested in renting our hall for this year or next year, 2017, sign up now because it is going fast!

Thank you to JEM Restaurant once again for your generous contribution to Muscular Dystrophy! We cannot thank you enough!


A new year is here.  Our Hall is renting out quickly. If you need to rent please check our site out and contact us ASAP.

Our bingos are very popular. This year we will have more variety of foods and “specials” in our kitchen. But we will always have our favorite ZEPS !


Coming this July – our annual Flea Market!

Coming this October – our annual Art & Craft Fair

Our last Tall Cedar Convention we got hit with a bad storm.  Had to cancel our parade!!  So, we decided to have a MICRO-MINI parade right inside the Convention Hall.  WE all still had a good time once again. 

Just yesterday we had our annual Attic Treasure & FLEA MARKET sale.  We had 47 vendors and by 10:30 AM we had over 300 customers!!! 

Coming up next is our annual Arts and Craft sale this November 4th 2017


WE had our fantastic arts and crafts show once again at the Cedar Club.  Everyone had a great time and the food was fantastic once again!  Thank you Chef Jude.





Girls just wanna have fun

 Hey!, Boy Scout Troop 622 are selling there Christmas Trees once again at the Cedar Club.  All types of trees will be available!!  Coming Friday December 8thm 9th and 10th! They do a great job helping us too.


Welcome to 2018!!!

OK, some at the last bingo won our “cover all” and won over $170!!  That’s one way of starting a new year!

Are you interested in renting our hall??  Better contact us soon before it’s gone.  And we will continue with our First Friday zeps. We have now sold over 7,000 zeps and still going strong. And that does NOT count our zeps that we serve t our bingo functions either.

Well here’s something different. The Greater Norristown Art League is sponsoring a “Wine Pull” event at the Norristown Cedar Club which includes a dinner too.

Another great event from the Tall Cedars at their convention in Wildwood!

Flea market_2_ august 4 2018_
Flea Market-Attic Treasures and Curious Goods SALE


And here we go again!!  At our last flea market we had over 400 customers shopping, eating and having a great time by all.  Sign up for table soon. They go fast.

And coming up in October will be our first Miniature Train show by North Penn S Gaugers  and Craft and art show and fine food too!


Pete and his wife are together again. Rest in peace.


Coming in October

The Trains are a Coming – Hop Aboard



The Norristown Cedar Club is renting out the building very fast. So if you need a hall rental, don’t wait too long!

Stay tuned for more events coming this year!


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