Question and Answers – How can I rent the building and other questions

1.   Who do I call if I want to rent the building?

Call and leave a message at 610-631-1594 or  E mail us at ––  We also have a website at

2.  Can I rent either the large Hall or the smaller Hall?


3.  Can I use your caterer?

Yes! Call John Davis at 610-239-1839

4.  Can I bring my own caterer?


5.   Can I see some pictures of the Hall?

Yes!  Click on “Hall Rental Pictures” on our website

6.  What events are going on at the Cedar Club?

Check our  ever changing website out for news and updates.

7.  How can I pre order zeps for First Fridays?

Call this number 610-539-8394 by Monday 8-11 am and 3 – 9:00 pm and Tuesday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.  Or E mail us at

8.  When are your bingos?

USUALLY the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

9.  Can I bring my own food?

We prefer that you do not. But there are some that have certain needs.

10.  Who does the paintings on the website?

One of our members, Tom Lebish, who is also a member of the Greater Norristown Art League.  The GNAL also painted the mural on our stage.

11.  Can I contact him if I need a portrait done?

Yes!. Just E mail him at  All prices vary and are negotiable.

12.  Who are the Tall Cedars??

We are part of the Masons who’s purpose is to raise money to fight muscular dystrophy.  Our local Norristown Forest has raised thousands of dollars for MD.

 13.  I saw on the website that all children are covered for medical in Pennsylvania.  Is that true?

Yes!  It is called the CHIP Program.  Regardless of the income of the family all children are covered. But you must apply for it.


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