The Good Samaritan

The following are true stories we have come across locally. They are not made up.

They are stories of Good Samaritans whose good works are never in the news media and never noticed, except by a few.

One day in a little town upstate Pennsylvania at a local diner a customer at the counter noticed a lonely man with his head on the counter. The patron recognized him as a survivor from WWII in the Pacific Theater. The patron called the waitress over and said to her if she knows him. “Sure that’s “Joe”.  The patron told her to get the Vet’s check and the patron would pay his bill and tip as well.  The patron paid the bill as well as his own and left. The Vet never know the nameless person who paid his bill and never saw him again.
There was a lady who lived in a trailer camp again upstate Pennsylvania just her and her daughter. The lady became very sickly and was hospitalized awhile. When she was released and returned to her trailer, visiting nurses and helpers would come back to see if she needed any help. What she didn’t know was that someone else paid the bill for the “visiting helpers and guardian angles” to come by and assist her.
There was a young fellow here in town with a young wife and child who lost his wallet. Luckily for him he found it.  But someone else put money in his empty wallet and he didn’t know it until he got home.
There was this young mother with children who wanted to buy some food items. Her credit card would not work even after several attempts.  She did not have enough money or cash to purchase it.  The gentleman behind her said, “I will pay for it”.  Which he did. He wanted nothing in return. She thanked him and left as he did.

Be well. Go in peace.


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